Mandy is a 12yo FS Rat Terrier. I began seeing Mandy in April of this year in Myrtle Beach. She had previously been diagnosed with a protein losing nephropathy. This is a disease in which the kidneys are letting protein leak out into the urine. Mandy was in renal failure and was on several medications and supplements to try and protect her kidneys and improve her kidney function. At the time that I saw her, she was acutely unable to walk in all 4 legs and was severely anemic (low red blood cell count). Her inability to walk was felt to be related to a stroke or disk disease in her neck. A lot of people would consider saying good bye at this point due to her inability to walk, chronic kidney failure, and need for a blood transfusion, but not Mandy’s mom and not Mandy. Mandy is a fighter and so is her mom. We brought Mandy home with us from Myrtle Beach and hospitalized her in Mt. Pleasant. She was given a blood transfusion and we continued to treat her supportively for suspected intestinal blood loss secondary to her kidney disease. She responded to treatment and even though she still was not able to walk, she was sent home where her mom continued to perform physical therapy. Seventeen days later, Mandy is now walking (although still wobbly) and is doing great!

Below is a video link showing Mandy walking!!

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